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  • At Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, our youth programs are designed to instill confidence and aid children in developing to their fullest potential. We seek to help build a solid foundation in life for as many children as possible, by assisting them in achieving a healthy mind and body through martial arts instruction. This wellbeing will instill in them the self-confidence, focus and determination necessary to become strong and successful in every aspect of life.

    adult program is designed to help one achieve self-confidence through physical conditioning and mastering the art of self-defense. We strive to train as many adults as possible to be physically fit and relieved of everyday stress and adept in practical martial arts skill, which will assist them in becoming more confident and successful in every aspect of their lives.

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          Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne helps kids deal with Bullies through the building of CONFIDENCE!   Training in the Martial Arts has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness. The ability to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child or kid it can create intense stress and worry. Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts helps the kids become physically stronger, increase coordination, learn self defense techniques and how to apply them. This, along with the positive motivation from the Sensei will help children become more confident in dealing with the day to day worries of going back to school.   “Every class is very physical, but most importantly, the kids and children (the two separate age groups of younger students at TS MMA), are being taught life lessons,” said Sensei Scott Zapfel, the head instructor of TS MMA in Wayne. “These lessons include; standing up to bullies; not giving in to peer pressure; making the right decisions when given a choice between right and wrong; and most importantly, finish whatever you start.”   “We put a lot of focus on teaching self-discipline. Every class I am always talking about using your non-quitting spirit, and how it will help you in school, sports and at home. At first it’s just words that kids hear and say out loud over and over again, but through discussions and practice of this exact thing, they start to understand it and see it really applies to everything they do”   The program at Tiger Schulmann’s is complete in all that it offers. The initial class most students enroll into is called a Core class which teaches basic martial arts skills but also the discipline and focus required to improve. The next classes available are Grappling, which teach the concepts of self defense on the ground, and Kickboxing, where the basic skills are now used in a more realistic manner where the students wear protective gear and actually practice self-defense one on one. “Everything we teach at Tiger Schulmann’s is done so with safety as our main concern. Putting kids in a one on one situation allows them to not only get better at their martial arts techniques but learn a lot about character, heart, commitment, and toughness, and what parent doesn’t want to see their child improve in all of those qualities.”   Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has open enrollment. You can try out the program by enrolling on a $20 class trial. Just tell us you saw our ad here it’s a FREE class Trial. Make your appointment by calling direct to the school at 973-956-8443, or other locations at 1-800-52-TIGER. The Wayne school is located at  661 Hamburg Turnpike in the Plaza Square Shopping Center.
    Posted 2011-01-28
    Total Fitness


      Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is total fitness in one location.   Tiger Schulmann’s is more than just Mixed Martial Arts, it gets people in the best shape of their lives. “Not only do we provide an amazing workout, but we work with each of our students to educate and inform them about nutrition as well,” says Sensei Scott Zapfel, head instructor of the Wayne location. Starting this past week, Tiger Schulmann’s has started another 90 DAY CHALLENGE! This is a three month journey towards better fitness, through consistent workouts, and more importantly education and implementation of better nutritional habits. The Biggest Loser has been showing the country this for 10 seasons now, but Tiger Schulmann’s has been preaching this for over 25 years.   Too many people talk of going on diets, when in reality diets don’t work and always make you unhealthier. A diet that helps you lose weight rapidly is usually causing you to lose muscle, obliviously not the result people are looking for. When done with the diet, either because it’s too difficult to continue with or the “goal” weight has been lost, most people’s eating habits will cause them to gain all the weight back, plus a lot more. This weight will consist of mainly fat tissue, so essentially what happened was muscle was lost and fat was gained, so now the individual is more unhealthy than when they started the “DIET.” Instead a change of eating habits that can be maintained permanently should be adopted.   Last March many of the students at Tiger Schulmann’s went on the “90 Day Challenge” nutritional program and over the course of three months almost 500 pounds were lost by the students in the school. “You can not get in great shape through a diet. It’s impossible. You must be conscious of what, when and most importantly, how often you are eating, and you also must exercise. It’s all about consuming and burning calories, and making sure you burn more than you consume,” Zapfel says. “So you might think just get on a treadmill, right? Wrong! The boredom alone will cause you to quit, not to mention your entire body needs to be involved and don’t forget about engaging your mind. People quit working out because they hate the boredom and monotony of it. A true MMA workout will definitely involve every muscle in your body, and most importantly you will enjoy it and keep your mind engaged.”   Don’t be fooled into thinking MMA is just for young people. Yes, Tiger Schulmann’s fields a complete Fight Team, young men and women competing in Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, kickboxing, and submission grappling, but of the 20,000 people currently training in Tiger Schulmann’s schools nationwide a large percentage of them are forty-somethings, and don’t forget the 50 and 60 somethings!! MMA has become the new fitness choice for people of all ages.   To get yourself started in the best workout you’ve ever tried and to help start 2011 on your way to a new, healthier you just call 1-800-52-TIGER or the Wayne Tiger Schulmann’s location directly at 973-956-8443. If you call the Wayne location directly, you’ll speak to Christine the manager, Leanne or Brian and they will help direct you on your way to taking your first class!
    Posted 2011-01-10


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