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About Us
  • Primerica is a financial services company like no other.

    Dedicated to delivering common sense solutions to families’ financial challenges, we focus on the underserved middle-market that has been neglected and often ignored by traditional financial services companies. While other companies focus on the affluent, Primerica’s mission is to help families become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

    We have a unique business model: the interests of our clients, our representatives and the company are all in alignment. No decision is ever made without considering all three of these groups’ best interests. The end result? Trust.

    Trust is what our 30-year track record is built on. We’ve always done what’s right.

    Primerica Can Help

    If you’re like many people, you’re in the dark about your finances. You pay your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. But the truth is, there’s only so much money to go around and preparing for the future can be overwhelming.

    To help families better understand their personal finances, Primerica offers the Financial Needs Analysis (FNA). The FNA gives a detailed overview of your current financial situation and suggests a personalized strategy for your financial security. The FNA is complimentary, confidential and customized for every family that Primerica serves.

    Here’s an overview of the FNA’s five basic sections and the information you’ll receive from each:

    Debt Solutions
    Illustrates strategies for paying off credit cards and loans in the quickest, most efficient manner possible with little or no additional cash outlay.

    Retirement Income
    Provides a detailed analysis of how much money you need to prepare for retirement.

    Education Funding
    Projects actual costs for specific schools you select, then shows you several strategies for funding your children’s education expenses.

    Income Protection
    Offers a variety of strategies to ensure your family’s financial future should you die prematurely.

    Building Your Financial Future
    Pulls all your information together by outlining specific steps to put your plan into action.


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    In House appointments available

    Products & Services

    Financial Needs Analysis
    Financial Needs Analysis
    “Want” vs. “Need”

    One of the most important building blocks of financial health is understanding the difference between a “want” and a “need.” It sounds simple, right? A “want” is something you don’t require for basic survival and a “need” is something you must have to live. But sometimes it can be hard to tell where a “want” begins and a “need” ends.

    Look at some of your recent purchases. Did you buy brand name jeans for your kids or the latest pair of popular running shoes for yourself (a want)? Or did you buy the less expensive, generic brand (fulfilling a need for clothing)?

    Financial health is all about your choices. Everyone has made some good ones and bad ones. Don't be discouraged. It’s never too late to change your financial future. That’s where Primerica’s complimentary Financial Needs Analysis comes in.

    The Primerica FNA

    Do you have a clear strategy for retirement, debt elimination and education savings? If not, you’re not alone. In fact, many people aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to getting their financial lives in order.

    That’s where Primerica can help. Did you know that in as little as 30 minutes you could get on the road to changing your financial situation and your life?

    Primerica teaches people how money works so they can make informed decisions about how to manage their finances. Through our complimentary Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), we can show you the steps you need to take to get on the road to the financial life you want – and deserve.

    Are you ready to change your financial outlook?

    Get Ready to Change Your Life

    If you’re like a lot of people, you’re ready to change the way your financial future looks. In fact, two out of three people say their finances are "fairly shaky or very shaky."*

    Primerica has helped millions of people, just like you, start on the path to financial freedom. The FNA is where it all starts. We’re on YOUR side! We know you’re tired of being in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. We know you want to change your life – but may not know where to begin.

    Talk to your Primerica representative today and let us help you change your life. If you don't already know a Primerica representative, you can search for a Primerica representative right here.


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